Philosophy & Services


I have over 30 years of experience and a BS degree in interior design. My skills were acquired while working on construction projects, in furniture and flooring stores, and in design studios. Raising a family and taking care of a house has given me real world, practical, and beautiful ways to improve the quality of life at home. The scope of my projects has been as simple as updating colors and décor, advising on a DIY project, or as complex as a total remodel and new construction.


My job is to help you focus and refine your vision, then help take it to completion. All my projects look different and are unique because the client set the tone and style and we worked as a team to make it happen. I sell help and ideas, not products.  I shop wherever necessary, sales, consignment shops, estate sales, your attic, for the project. Nothing is purchased through me, so no markup. Any designer discounts are passed along to you. My goal is that you be thrilled that this is really your home.


Project scope

Design style and color selection

Project drawings and preliminary plans

Product research

Advice and handholding

Sounding board

Sources and subcontractors

Supervision as needed

Want to talk? The first visit to get acquainted and look at your project is at no charge.